Product Development and Contract Manufacturing Services

HDA Technology develops sophisticated products and effective solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. Bring us your requirements and we will bring them to life.

HDA Technology specializes in:

  • Developing World-class products
  • Manufacturing low and medium volume products
  • Inventing enabling technologies
  • Solving compliance problems

We are creative engineering professionals with many decades of collective experience spanning a variety of industries. We love what we do – creating significant new products as well as solving tricky problems with our client’s existing designs.

Your success is important to us – when we take on your project we are committed to making it the success that you envision. With our collective experience we are in a unique position to recognize potential issues with a product concept or an existing design, and to provide you with alternate strategies so that these issues never become a problem in your product.


We are located in Lake Forest, California, near the 241 Toll Road

We are staffed and equipped to provide ongoing product development and sustaining engineering for your product, whether it is being manufactured at your facility, by us, or by a third party contract manufacturer. We can design your product, ensure that it meets regulatory requirements, manage life cycle issues, and produce and service it for you.

We are here to let you focus on your core business – we will take care of design, production and support.

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