HDA has helped our clients create hundreds of millions of dollars in value for their stakeholders. We have developed a variety of products and systems, used in a wide range of applications. Following are some of our projects.

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Hot Cold Compression Therapy System

Contrast Therapy System provides hot, cold and compression therapies to two patients or treatment areas simultaneously.

Bard Enspire Breast Biopsy System

State of the Art breast biopsy system, features concurrent control of multiple motors and variable vacuum system.

Pulsed Diathermy System

Pulsed RF Therapy System for treatment of post-operative pain and edema.

Electrosurgical Generator Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept Electrosurgical generator for breast surgery.

Aircraft Power Supply

Variable frequency AC to DC power supply for in-flight use featuring very high efficiency and superb power quality. Compliant with DO-160 and ABD0100 requirements.

Aircraft Seat

Solved a persistent reliability issue between multiple vendors’ electronics within this seat system.

Aircraft Replacement Processor Board Set

Developed and produced a modern LRU board-set that is drop-in compatible with the obsolete product that it replaces.

Crew Oxygen Mask Noise Supression System

Noise cancellation processor for crew oxygen mask communications system.

Oximeter for Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Real-time Oximetry system for use during cardiac bypass surgery, developed c. 1988, was the first digital instrument of it’s kind.

Doppler Ultrasound Transceiver

Low noise Doppler ultrasound system developed as part of a system to treat uterine fibroid tumors.

Chiller Controller Board with CANBUS communications

Industrial chiller controller, featuring multiple thermocouple inputs and CANBUS interface.

Ultrasonic Sensor Test System

Custom test system to characterize medical ultrasonic transducers.

Airbus Power Noise Tester

Test adapter required for specific ABD0100 power quality tests.

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