Turnkey Product Development for Medical and Aerospace

HDA Technology has earned a reputation for innovative product development in the medical, aerospace, and industrial product spaces.

We have worked with startups to define their products and invent the enabling technology they needed to achieve their vision for their products, and to create hundreds of millions of dollars of shareholder value.

For established companies we have developed many new products and have made substantial improvements to existing products, allowing increased market share with greatly reduced risk.

Call us – let’s explore what HDA can do for you.

Ultrasonic transducer test system

Rapid Proof of Concept

HDA will help you to develop and refine your concept. We can create cost-effective proof of concept systems by combining commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology with purpose-designed components where necessary. This approach saves considerable time and money when a concept is still under investigation, and allows you to test your idea sooner in the real world.

The Right Resources

HDA will develop your product from concept through production.

With over 30 years in business and many decades of collective experience, our team provides complete engineering design capabilities using our ISO certified product development process.

We are equipped to produce prototypes and first articles quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. We perform in-house compliance testing during development to ensure that your product will pass certification testing as quickly as possible.

HDA designs compliance into each project. We are ISO and AS certified, and registered with the FDA and FDB. HDA is based in Orange County California and serves medical, aerospace and industrial companies nationwide.

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